My ‘beauty’ products


I try to use as natural and chemical free products as I can. I’m always on the lookout for new products but these are ones I currently use and enjoy.


I use shampoo and conditioner from companies who do not use sulphates and parabens and focus on natural ingredients such as plant extracts. I also only buy products not tested on animals and those which do not contain animal ingredients. If the product has other credentials such as being carbon neutral or being made from recycled plastic I also value this. Tkmaxx is a surprising source of shampoo/conditioner which fits this bill, usually in larger containers (less plastic waste overall) and for cheaper prices. Holland and Barrett also stock these types of products. I sometimes buy these products online too.

Every couple of weeks or so I do a coconut oil hair mask. I rub coconut oil onto all of my hair, including the roots, and sleep with it in – put a towel over your pillow so it doesn’t get oily! Then in the morning I wash it out with shampoo – sometimes you need to shampoo twice. My hair will be extra shiny and healthy feeling after this.


I generally wash with natural soap as this reduces having plastic bottles around. Tkmaxx stocks some great smelling organic soaps so I usually buy a few of these when I go there and they last a while – especially if you use a body scrubber.

I moisturise with either coconut oil or cocoa butter which you can buy in block form from some markets or online. I just rub it over my body or into my hands till it melts a little.

Cocoa Butter


Toothpaste comes in annoying squeezy tubes that you can’t recycle which bugs me. Also many of them have micro plastics in them which end up in the ocean – I love the sea so want to reduce my impact on it as much as possible. This video is a great animation about plastics and where they end up.

I currently use fluoride free toothpaste (Aloe Dent, Kingfisher etc). I don’t like the tubes they come in as they aren’t recyclable. I am planning to have a go at making my own toothpaste when I run out.

Make up

I have discovered that making my own face powder is cheaper, means I buy less plastic and is working better for my skin which tends to be fairly oily. Here is my blog showing how to make it. I used to get oily again during the day after wearing shop bought face powders but now it lasts all day and I need hardly any. So pleased I discovered this on so many levels.

If I am buying make up I use Green People when I buy new make up. I don’t wear foundation as I have freckles and find this makes them look silly. I usually use a concealer, mascara and then occasionally eye shadow and eyeliner.

Sun Protection

I have used Green People’s suncream lately and found it worked really well. It is marine friendly and chemical free and I did not get burnt at all (I used SPF 25 in Egypt). It rubs in well and doesn’t have a strong smell. I am also planning on making my own sun-cream using oils which have natural SPF like raspberry seed oil, coconut oil and almond oil.


Finding natural deodorants that work is not easy. I used to use a mens one from L’Occitane which worked well but I didn’t like that it was packaged in plastic. I have recently made my own deodorant using this recipe which is AMAZING. I used lemon and lemongrass essential oil for mine. I have tried homemade ones before and had a reaction to too much baking soda but this is perfect. No rash, ZERO smell – even after a whole day or a workout. It’s not technically an ‘antiperspirant’ (these are bad for you anyway as you are supposed to sweat!) however I do find I sweat less than if wearing nothing. It is packaging free, cheap, natural, contains no chemicals and most importantly it really does work!


When I want to use hairspray I use Honeybee Gardens hairspray which has no alcohol and does not damage the ozone. It is also cruelty free and vegan. I find it works really well, even better than some other ‘usual’ brands of hairspray and lasts a really long time as you do not need much.

Dry shampoo

I have recently discovered making my own dry shampoo which is great! This reduces the amount of product I have to buy, so is cheaper, better for the environment and uses only a few ingredients, so better for my hair too! It has been working great and I have often been able to go an extra day without washing so win-win. Check out how to make it here. 


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