My fitness

Fitness equipment

When I first started out exercising I found it difficult to stick to and would go through long phases of not doing anything. Now if I don’t exercise or at least be active for a few days I get cranky!

Some people love going to the gym but I feel a bit lost and they’re so expensive. I try and keep active in general and not sit for too long. I play squash in my local league and go to some fitness classes like the Les Mills classes. I have also recently tried rock climbing and it’s such a good workout.

At home I have an ab roller so try and do maybe 3 sets of 10 every other day. I love squats and try and do 100 body weight squats a day if I remember!  I’m trying to improve my upper body strength and will try and do half or full push ups every other day too.

I enjoy getting random exercises in throughout the day as well as dedicating an hour or so to workouts.

Over the last few years I have used  Fitness Blender videos and workout programs. They are a husband and wife team and make great free online workouts which are really easy to follow and include all different levels of difficulty.

I get bored easily so for me variety is key. I have done the following programs and would definitely recommend them:

The programs include (often in combinations):

  • Lower body strength – weighted squats, lunges, bridge, deadlifts etc
  • Upper body strength – either with free weights or bodyweight only
  • Cardio – HIIT and other cardio
  • Core – probably my least favourite but I’m working on it! Fitness Blender have a 4 week Core program so I’m going to do that to get me started!
  • Yoga, pilates, stretching, barre, kettlebell etc.

I find another great way of tracking how active you are is using a step counting app. My phone came with one on it but there are many free apps. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many steps you do in a day! I average around 5-15 thousand. My highest is 17000 and this burned roughly 400 calories. Although I don’t count calories it’s great to know that by being active throughout the day and walking more you can up your calorie burn easily.


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